The Most Perfect Man… (day 10)

Today I laid my eyes on the most perfect man… The David. The iconic David statue made by Michangelo was incredible. It is so crazy to think that a single man was able to create such a huge and marvelous piece of art. The statue was a lot bigger than I was expecting too. I imagined a lifesize statue but was blown away to see how big the statue was. The David is a piece of art that is so well known so it was such a cool experience to be able to stand in front of the actual statue.

My favorite piece of art that I have seen so far was one I had no idea even existed. The work is Penitent Magdalene by Donatello. The work is a statue made from wood. Mary Magdalene is seen as if she has left all her riches behind and is in a vulnerable state. Her face looks like it has aged and it has more naturalism qualities than most of the statues we have seen. Mary Magdalene looks more humanlike and her mouth is open like she is about to have a conversation with the viewer. The reason Donatello made her look this way is to present the idea that all we need to sustain us in life is Christ’s love. I think that is a beautiful meaning and something I agree with. We can have all the riches in the world, but will never be satisfied without Christ’s love.

After a day filled with art, we headed back home to Arezzo to get ready for the joust. The joust is an event that has been talked about a lot, but I had no idea what to expect. The city of Arezzo comes together to watch grown men from the different neighborhoods ride a horse down a straight path and hit a target with a sword. The streets of Arezzo were insane, filled with people yelling with excitement for the joust ahead. The night began with a parade of the different neighborhoods within Arezzo presenting their jousters with trumpets and drums. At that moment watching the parade and hearing the sounds of drums echoing through the streets I felt like I was back in medieval times. When the joust began the excitement increased. Grown men began fighting and women and children were yelling. All the OU students even took part in the yelling and excitement. It was so fun cheering on the different neighborhoods and seeing the neighborhood that won tears of happiness. I never knew men riding horses at a target could be so exciting. It was such a fun night in Arezzo.

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