Ciao Arezzo

My Arezzo Adventure has officially begun. We arrived in Arezzo and my heart immediately burst with excitement. Seeing the Italian countryside from the bus window was stunning. I still can’t believe that I am actually in Italy. The air in Arezzo is crisp and smells of fresh flowers and fruit, which is much different than the smell of gasoline or trash which can be found in many American towns.

The first stop on our trip was to visit the monastery, which is home to The University of Oklahoma. The building dates back to the 1200s and it is weird to think that I was standing and learning in a building that old. The architecture of the building is amazing. The white walls, grey patterned tile and restored paintings from the original building gives the space a modern feel, but the historical significance of the building can still be seen and felt. The courtyard is my favorite part of the monastery. The garden is filled with hydrangeas, which is personally my favorite flower. The green hilltops can be seen on the patio of the courtyard which is where we had our three-course dinner


It is common in Italian culture to have multiple courses with smaller portions, unlike America where we have one course but a much larger portion size. However, the biggest shock for me of the Italian culture is how they eat their bread. It is typical in America when given bread we eat it as an appetizer with either olive oil and vinegar or butter. In Italy, the bread is only eaten with the first or second course of the meal and rarely consumed with olive oil, vinegar, and butter. Italians have the self-control to have a fresh basket of bread sitting in front of them and not eat a piece until their food has arrived. Not sure if I will be able to adopt this Italian custom.

After dinner, we strolled through the streets of Arezzo to a local gelato shop. The gelato here in Arezzo is a 10 out of 10. I am pretty sure I could consume gelato for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

The night ended with most of us in PCS sitting on the terrace talking and enjoying the atmosphere around us.

Italy has already stolen my heart….

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