Art and Leather Deals (day 9)

Today we traveled to the busy city of Florence. Italy is home to 60% of the world’s masterpieces and Florence contains half of that 60%. So it is safe to say Florence is filled with rich art history. We began our day by looking at the beautiful Piazza. The buildings that surround the Piazza are beautiful and you can picture a medieval town that once stood within the space.

After learning a quick overview of the city of Florence we entered into one of the most iconic art museums called the Uffizi Gallery.  This museum was insane. You definitely need an entire day or two to be able to look at all the art within the museum. We had only a couple of hours, but Kirk made sure we saw the best parts. We spent three hours looking at pieces of art that are so rich in history and hold such significant value and meaning. Listening to Kirk talk about the different pieces of artwork made me really appreciate looking at the paintings more. I would never have thought how a hand placement is a symbol or characteristic for a specific era or how one artist used different paint strokes completely changed the art world. It was fascinating to be able to hear Kirk talk about the art in such depth and excitement. My favorite painting we saw was The Coronation of the Virgin by Lorenzo Monaco. The colors of the paintings and the gold that surrounded the painting was very beautiful. This picture was different than most of the paintings we saw because most of the paintings had the Madonna holding the Christ Child, but this painting had Christ crowning his mother with iconic Saints like St. Peter and St. Stephen watching. This painting made me feel different than the other paintings too. I felt like the painting was jumping out at me and grabbing my attention. I couldn’t get myself to look away from the tiny details within the painting that made the artwork so interesting.

After our three hour adventure through Uffizi we got to go to the leather market. I had been waiting for this moment all trip… I am a big purse girl so being in a place surrounded by different leather purses was right up my alley. The best part of the leather market is being able to barter and get the prices of the bags down lower. I was able to get one bag down from 75 euros to 20. That was the best deal I made. I did get a bad deal on one of the purses I bought, but I made up for it. I had a little too much fun in the leather market and bought way too much stuff. I just couldn’t help myself. I now know that I should never be allowed back into that leather market because I would buy the whole place. I ended up buying four bags, two wallets, and two ties. However, I have no buyers remorse because I love everything I bought. The bags in Florence were SO cute! If I didn’t have to make it back to America with a bag under 50 pounds I definitely would have purchased more.

Florence day one was a success!

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